ProTrack is the longest running professional circus training program in the U.S. Spend 3 years completely immersed in circus!

We are now accepting rolling application for next year!

About ProTrack


Perhaps you’re wondering what circus school can offer that you can’t get on your own. The answer—everything!

Dedicated career coaches are here to pay attention to your every move, correct your form, and give you the tools for training in a methodical (and body smart) way, all while you get exposed to skills, techniques, and creative exploration you didn’t even know existed.

Work the things you don’t want to work. That’s right. Don’t you have things you know you should be working on, but somehow always find a reason not to? Our coaches are here to make sure nothing falls through the cracks while you become a well balanced artist with all the skills.

A group of people working as hard as you are! There’s nothing like being in a community of supportive artists working just as hard as you are and making gains towards a circus career every day. Seeing other people do the impossible and come back for more means there’s inspiration around you on a daily basis.

Networking. We hold auditions for other organizations and happily send referrals to a vast number of performance companies for our graduates. People call us to find their next performer and it makes it easier on our students to find work.

The sheer number of classes and lessons! These include classes in dance, hand balancing, acrobatics, physical theater, flexibility, multiple disciplines, injury prevention, circuit training, workshops, private lessons, academic classes on everything from nutrition to the business of circus, and more. Seriously. Where else but circus school can you possibly fit this much into a day?!

Have Questions?

ProTrack Q+A Session

Are you curious about what it takes to get into America’s longest running professional circus training program? In December 2020, we held a question and answer session for aspiring ProTrack applicants and families.

You can view it in its entirety here!



Three important things: Our coaches, our experience, and our graduates.

These are the people that make NECCA what it is. Our coaches have decades of experience—not only working as performers in the top circuses and festivals in the world, but also in coaching people like you to live up to their potential. They know the material and exactly what it takes to get you there physically, artistically, and psychologically. They are with you every step of the way and are personally invested in your growth. This is the heart of everything that NECCA offers and the backbone of the ProTrack program.

We’ve helped over 200 students navigate the path to becoming a professional performer. Our coaches have a deep understanding of common frustrations that are encountered and have deeply individualized methods for breaking through the inevitable mental and physical blocks. Our curriculum and teaching techniques are layered with intention and detail that has served our students for over fifteen years We see the challenges before you do and we know how to guide you to trust yourself and face them—with a full team of support at your side.

NECCA ProTrack graduates are everywhere! They are in shows all over the world and coaching in circus studios across the country. In fact, chances are you already know someone who is putting their circus education from NECCA to use. Our graduates have performed in Cirque du Soleil, Les 7 Doigts, Gravity and Other Myths, Cirkus Cirkor, Circa, Cirque Eloize, Circus Monti, and an array of touring shows, international festivals, cabarets, and cruise ships. There aren’t many companies that a NECCA graduate hasn’t been a part of in some way, and we bring the benefits of these numerous connections back to our current students.



NECCA’s ProTrack is a full-time, three-year professional circus program designed to create professional circus performers ready for the world stage. We nurture and develop the next generation of working, professional artists, whose technique, artistry, and entrepreneurship are second to none.

Important Details

Students have access to extensive equipment and classes and have an opportunity to try the disciplines listed here.

  • Trapeze (single point, double point, duo, swinging)
  • Fabric
  • Rope
  • Trampoline, Mini Tramp & Tramp Wall
  • Chinese Pole
  • Hand Balancing
  • Straps
  • Partner Acrobatics
  • Lyra & Tippy Lyra
  • German & Cyr wheels
  • Clown
  • Wire
  • Juggling & Manipulation
  • Sling & Hammock
  • Static Cloud Swing
  • Invented Apparatus
  • Bungee
  • Mime

Tuition for NECCA’s Protrack Program is $13,750.00 for the 2023-24 school years, with a possible increase in fall of 2024, to be determined.

Program Dates
The ProTrack Program runs from just after Labor Day in September through the first week in June, with a 2 week break in December and one week breaks in November, February, and April.

NECCA’s ProTrack coaches include all of these amazing folks! Please note that this list is subject to change and you should inquire about coaching staff with our Program Director.

Anyone who has:

  • Trained circus extensively enough and they are ready to take it to the next level.
  • Mastered what recreation classes can offer and needs a full time program in order to realize their potential.
  • Has experience in high level gymnastics, dance, ice skating or another athletic performing endeavor and is ready to apply their skills to circus.
  • Decided THIS is what they want to do with their life!

What to Expect

Yearly Breakdown

Each year’s schedule is designed to meet every student where they are and help them achieve the goals and make the gains they’ll need to work in the industry. The program consists of a full-time schedule of classes including a major and minor discipline, dance, theater, tumbling, hand balancing, juggling, flexibility, partner acrobatics, conditioning, creation, injury prevention and rehabilitation work, and professional development to learn the business of being a performing artist. In each class, you’ll find masters in the field working with students of every level—challenging them creatively, artistically, and athletically to bring out their best and guide them each step of the way.

Designed to build a strong foundation and focuses first and foremost on the physical body and preparedness of living the full time circus life. Students dive into the curriculum and assess what physical blocks they may have, as well as what experience and knowledge they will need to fine tune their artistry and athleticism.

Their schedule is individualized according to their interests and level in a variety of areas (determined by periodic assessments). The weekly schedule includes:

  • Private or Semi-private lessons in a Major Discipline
  • Physical Theater
  • Dance
  • Tumbling & Acrobatics
  • Hand Balancing
  • Juggling
  • Partner Acrobatics
  • Strength, Endurance, and Cross Training Classes
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Prehab & Injury Prevention
  • Professional Development Classes Covering an Array of Topics
  • Two evening classes in subject areas of the student’s choice.

Builds on the foundation of the first year and focuses on the student’s artistry. Students continue to strengthen their foundation while building their skills and expertise as they begin to focus on two primary disciplines (a major and a minor) and work to construct acts in each. Each student has dedicated time to train their major and minor daily, supported by supplemental classes throughout the week in:

  • Physical Theater
  • Dance
  • Tumbling & Acrobatics
  • Creative Exploration
  • Juggling
  • Partner Acrobatics
  • Strength, Endurance, and Cross Training Classes
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Prehab & Injury Prevention
  • Professional Development Classes Covering an Array of Topics

The third and final year is designed to ensure that students are performing at an elite level and prepared to work in the industry. Year Three students will spend dedicated time on finalizing their major and minor acts as they strengthen necessary skills as an ensemble in partner acrobatics , acrobatics, dance, and physical theater. The third year culminates with a devised ensemble show, directed by a guest director that tours theaters throughout New England with the professional support and assistance of NECCA coaches and staff.

Students should expect to be in rehearsal or touring full-time in April and May.

Please note: Tours may be modified due to COVID-19 restrictions and policy changes.



First round of applications for the 2023/24 school year are now closed. Second round is ongoing until spots are filled.

Live auditions are held at NECCA by invitation only in March.

Get Prepared

How to Apply

Second round of applications begin January 7th, 2023. Applications will then be considered on a rolling basis until all spots are filled.
**Applicants who apply after the first round may not be eligible for the in person auditions.**

  1. Make your audition video and upload it to YouTube. Be sure you read our video guidelines below.
  2. Complete our digital application form.
  3. Provide two Letters of Reference.
  4. Pay your application fee.

All applicants interested in NECCA’s ProTrack Program must submit a video and references along with their application.

Acceptance into the program is based on levels of competence in:

  • Circus Arts Modalities
  • Dance & Movement
  • Form & Body Awareness
  • Flexibility & Strength
  • Tumbling & Acrobatics
  • Theater & Performance

Please Note: Foreign students who will need a VISA to attend NECCA must apply in the first round.

If you have any questions, please email us here.

More Info

Admission & Application Resources

The ProTrack Governance Panel, composed of Program Directors, faculty and coaching staff, reviews all applications to determine admission. 

Consideration is given to the whole person: application, level of competency, video content, letters of reference, personal interview, as well as demonstration of potential excellence, professionalism and good judgment.

Applicants must have the following requirements to be considered.

  • Training in the circus extensively with a strong desire to get to the next level.
  • Near mastery in current training with a need for a full-time program in order to realize their potential.
  • Experience in high level gymnastics, dance, ice-skating or other athletic performing endeavors and a readiness to apply their skills to circus.
  • Committed to the circus as their life’s vocation.
  • Excellent health (medical certificate may be required)
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proof of accident and health insurance is required
  • Foreign residents that need a visa to attend must apply in the first round by January 6, 2023

Please show the following in your audition video, no longer than 5 minutes:

  • Begin with a short introduction, letting us know who you are.
  • For body awareness, control and form, please show us, in this order:
    • Forward & back roll
    • Dive roll
    • Two consecutive cartwheels on both sides
    • Handstand against a wall or free-standing (preferred)
    • Back bridge (from and back to standing preferred)
    • Standing vertical jump (straight jump)
    • Hollow Body
    • Plank and 5 Push Ups
    • Pull ups (with full body in view)
    • Splits: all at once, from left, through center, to right split
  • In addition to the previous items, and at the end of the video, please demonstrate the following:
    • At least one acrobatic pass that accurately displays your abilities.
    • A dance or movement sequence that shares your coordination and personality.
    • A minimum of 3 sequences of material in your primary discipline.

Remember that your personality is important to us, so be sure it shows through.

Once you make your video, please title it “First Name, Last Name, 2023-24 NECCA Audition” then upload it to YouTube. Make sure the privacy settings to Unlisted or Public, depending on your preferences, do not use the Private setting.

You can view a demo video of some of these skills here.



NECCA is a nonprofit that’s committed to the people it serves and the community within which it thrives. We rely on our many generous donors to continue to be a place that’s accessible to everyone, where creativity and artistry soar, and where the seemingly impossible becomes possible—every single day. Please consider joining others in supporting our work.



NECCA is a nonprofit that’s committed to the people it serves and the community within which it thrives. We rely on our many generous donors to continue to be a place that’s accessible to everyone, where creativity and artistry soar, and where the seemingly impossible becomes possible—every single day. Please consider joining others in supporting our work.

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