Dear NECCA Friends,


While the beautiful trapezium is quiet and empty, we aren’t letting it get us down—quite the opposite. We know that our empty building represents an entire community working together to stay safe and to keep each other safe. This is nothing short of powerful and uplifting!

We sincerely hope that you are feeling secure and happy wherever you are doing your social distancing, and want to let you know a little bit about what we’ve been up to while you’ve been away and what will be happening next.

First we have to thank you—our community near and far—for your support during this time! You have been generous and stayed connected with us in so many ways while we couldn’t be together in person. So many of you have donated ( directly to NECCA or taken one of our virtual classes ( to show your support. As an added bonus, we’ve been able to SEE many of you, too, through the magic of group Internet training. Who would have thought we’d all end up in our PJ’s together doing couch-apparatus conditioning via video conference?! The times are ridiculous, but circus people find ways to be even more ridiculous in all the best of ways!

As a result of your continued support, we know that we will be able to open again when it is safe to do so. What an amazing gift to be able to say that with confidence! You made that possible and we thank you with all of our collective hearts!

Speaking of reopening, we are currently focused on determining every detail of when and how that will be able to happen. We anticipate being able to offer a carefully-phased reopening according to state and federal guidelines as well as with additional considerations specific to our particular industry. Circus isn’t naturally socially a distant endeavor and we are designing significant adjustments to programming and policies in order to provide the classes we all love while reducing the risk of coronavirus transmission. As you can imagine, this is no small task. We are working to prepare now so that we will be able to welcome you back once we are permitted and it is safe to do so. Safety has always been paramount at NECCA and will continue to be no matter the challenge.

Stay tuned for detailed information about our re-opening plans and additional COVID-19 related safety policies. Until then, keep joining us for online classes and drop us a line about all the things—circus and non-circus—that you’ve been up to during your quarantine.

Curious what else NECCA folks have been doing? We’re glad you asked! As challenging as this period has been for many, we are so inspired by some of the ways that our staff, students, and community have been spending their time and we are so grateful for how it has allowed us to focus on the positive each day. Here are a few amazing ways folks have been sharing their talents that we’d like to share:
ProTrack student, Violet Livingston, spends her time teaching her old bulldog contact juggling and learning to make linocut prints for cards to send to friends and family.

  • Coach, Jenna Ciotta, made a homemade loom and is learning to weave.
  • ProTrack student, Owen Leonard, has been adding to a growing collection of stunning bridge photoshoots.
  • Reception staff and hand balancer, Rachel Hipszer, turned her painting talent into a new business!
  • Coaches and students Finn, Marysia, Anna, Bridget, and Tony have been volunteering to deliver meals around Brattleboro.
  • Co-Founder, Elsie Smith and her husband Jim have been providing free breakfast sandwiches on weekend mornings along with a tribe of amazing helpers. Cherry Rail Farms, Pete and Gerry’s eggs, Cabot Cheese, and Against the Grain all donated supplies.
  • Coach, Casey Hanes, does D&D online with the young person he’s been mentoring to stay in touch.
  • When she’s not running online classes, Co-Founder Serenity Smith Forchion (with Elsie’s help as well) has been tirelessly sewing masks with reusable filters to donate to various health facilities in the region!

Thanks to NECCA staff and students for sharing these and keep it up!

Click below for more information on how to donate or join one of our virtual classes below. Stay safe out there and we cannot wait to see you soon!

The NECCA Team