The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) offers people of all ages and abilities a unique opportunity to experience the magical & captivating world of circus arts. Here, in a welcoming, safe environment, recreational and professional students alike can explore the charms and challenges of circus arts and gain a solid foundation of techniques and skills across a broad spectrum of traditional circus forms as well as 'new circus,' aerial dance and physical theater.

Why Circus?

The appeal of the circus arts ranges from the athletic and adventurous to the curious and creative. Classes in fixed trapeze, aerial fabric, flying trapeze, acrobatics, dance, Pilates, yoga, clowning, stilting, and juggling build strength & flexibility, poise and self-confidence and provide a wonderful outlet for imagination, creative expression-and fun. Some students go on to pursue their dreams of a career in the circus and performing arts; others take confidence in nimble healthy bodies and pursue other life dreams.


The mission of the New England Center for Circus Arts is to create a school, facility and community where circus arts are available to the general public and to inspire students of all skill levels, ages, abilities and aspirations.


NECCA provides a safe, supportive, welcoming environment.

Excellence in Circus Arts Instruction
NECCA is an industry leader providing quality instruction for all levels and aspirations.

Fostering the Development of Body, Heart and Mind
NECCA teaches to the body, heart and mind to support the development of individuals.

NECCA believes in strong, supportive relationships internally and externally with local, regional, national and international communities.

Fiscal Integrity
NECCA operates with fiscal integrity through responsible stewardship of assets, strict risk assessment and appropriate investment consistent with the company's business plan.

Broad Access to Circus Arts
NECCA offers classes and opportunities for people of all ages, fitness levels, abilities, financial resources, and aspirations.

NECCA's Vision

The opportunities are endless for NECCA to become a vital resource for the local community and beyond. We will continue to expand our ability to offer the community outstanding professional circus performances, attract visiting guest artists and instructors from around the world, provide a high level of training for students who aspire to be professionals, and facilitate greater access and programming to area schools and youth organizations.

A dream come true, NECCA's new state-of-the-art circus trapezium allows for expanded programming, height for swinging and flying trapeze, trampoline wall fun, and superior performance facilities.


10 Town Crier Dr
Brattleboro VT 05301


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