Participants in juggling classes will need to provide their own juggling balls for at home practice. We recommend the Play MMX juggling ball, available from Renegade Juggling. For kids with small hands, try the 62mm balls. For everyone else, the 67mm or 70mm is the recommended size. Consider purchasing 4 or 5 balls instead of just 3. That way, you won’t be out of luck in case one ball goes missing. Also, you might be juggling 4 (or even 5) sooner than you think.

Aerial Animals sells equipment like lyra, straps and trapezes, including weighted bars. Click here for Aerial Animals.

Bobby's Big Top built our outdoor flying trapeze and offers excellent aerial rigs.
Click here for Bobby's Big Top

Trapeze Rigging built our freestanding aerial rig and we highly recommend it.
Click here for Trapeze Rigging web site

For Traditional circus equipment, Custom Built Equipment is great - especially for cotton sheath webs, hand loops, neck loops!
Click here for Custom Built Equipment

Nimble Arts sells aerial silks and trapezes, instructional videos and more 'by aerialists, for aerialists' which is great if you need advice to along with your equipment purchase. Click here for the Nimble Arts website.

Circus Concepts (formerly Barry Cordage) offers excellent aerial and ground equipment including handstand canes and wheels. Click here for the Circus Concepts website.


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