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What subjects can I train?
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How Do I Apply?

Applicants interested in ProTrack first submit an application along with a video and references.

ROUND ONE applications were due by Jan 31st to be invited to live auditions, March 9&10. Any spots not filled by round one applicants after auditions will be made available to ROUND TWO applicants in the order they were received. If you didn't get an application in by the deadline for round one, send it in as soon as you can for round two to be on the list!

Acceptance into one of the three years of our program is based on levels competence in:

- Circus Arts Modalities
- Dance & Movement
- Form & Body Awareness
- Flexibility
- Tumbling & Acrobatics
- Theater & Performance

Applicants for 2019/2020 may be accepted into Year 1 or Year 2. Year 3 is reserved for students moving up from year 2 as well as invited guests.

Please review the steps below to apply:

1. Make your audition video and download it to YouTube or Vimeo
Guidelines for video submission.

2. Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.
Once you begin the digital the Application Form, you must enter all your information at one time, so we suggest reviewing the questions and preparing your answers in advance. The application will be available in mid November.

3. Provide two Letters of Reference
Click here for reference submission form to provide to reference providers.

4. Pay your application fee.
Pay your Application Fee.

5. If you have any questions, please contact the Program Director, Jamie Hodgson, HERE.

What subjects can I train?

Students can choose to focus on:

Trapeze (single point, double point, duo, swinging and some flying trapeze)
Trampoline, Mini Tramp & Tramp Wall
Chinese Pole
Partner Acrobatics
Lyra & Tippy Lyra
German & Cyr wheels
Juggling & Manipulation
Sling or Hammock
Cloud Swing
Invented Apparatus

Tuition and Payment Schedule

The total tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $10,750. The payment schedule is:
$1000 deposit due upon acceptance to secure a spot.
$2400 installment due July 1st.
$816.67 due the 1st of the month September - May.

Making & Sending My Video

In the 5 min (maximum) video please show these skills safely executed to the best of your ability. Please show getting into and out of the skills and wear form fitting clothing so that we may better observe your form.

Please begin your video with a short introduction, letting us know who you are.

For body awareness, control and form, please show us:
1. Forward roll & dive roll
2. Cartwheel (both sides)
3. Handstand: against a wall or free standing
4. Back bridge
5. Hollow Body
6. Plank
7. Splits: left, to straddle (center), to right
8. Pull ups (min 1 clean pull-up required for live auditions) - please show that your feet are not on the ground at the start/end of the skill, that you are able to go alllll the way up and alll the way down without momentum or arching.

For acrobatic level, please show us as many other tumbling skills you can safely demonstrate or a pass that accurately displays your abilities.

For circus capabilities, please show us a minimum of 3 sequences of material in your primary discipline and any technique or skills in secondary disciplines if applicable.

Remember that your personality is important to us, so be sure it shows through!

Once you make your video, please title it "First Name, Last Name, 2019 NECCA Audition" then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure that the privacy is set so that we can view it and include your link in your application.

ProTrack Program Application Form

ProTrack Program Application Fee

The application of $60 is payable here.


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