Welcome to the new Residency Training Program! Customize your schedule to meet your training needs and budget. One month to ongoing options that include regular meetings with a staff liaison, reserved training times, access to all open trainings and more.

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This Residency option allows students to visit NECCA to train for short or long periods, with a minimum of one month at a time. The base fee covers the following:
- 1 to 5 days per week of assigned training space
- one 1/2 hour liaison meeting per month with the Program Director Elsie Smith that you can use any way you wish. Get help with act creation, scheduling and planning, professional development, costume questions, injury prevention, web site review, etc.
- priority information every month about guest instructors, workshop series and other events at NECCA.
- unlimited access to Members Only/Open Studio trainings at all NECCA studios (generally 7 days per week)

includes all open studio & Members Only training times (generally $70/month).
- $120/month (1 day/week reserved)
- $150/month (2 day/week reserved)
- $175/month (3 day/week reserved)
- $200/month (4 day/week reserved)
- $225/month (5 day/week reserved)

NEW GROUP RATES: For participants sharing one rigging point or equipment, please inquire about our new group rates.

through June 9, 2019, resuming Sept 1, 2019
Mon 1 - 3 pm (Winston Prouty Center Campus (formerly Austine))
Tues 1 - 3 pm (Winston Prouty Center Campus (formerly Austine))
Wed 1 - 3 pm (Winston Prouty Center Campus (formerly Austine))
Thurs 1 - 3 pm (Winston Prouty Center Campus (formerly Austine))
Sat 9 am - 11 am (Trapezium)
(For students whose focus area requires the main facility, please inquire about reserving additional Residency times at the trapezium.)

June 10 - Aug 31, 2019: (subject to change)
Mon 3 - 5 pm (Trapezium)
Tues 3 - 5 pm (Trapezium)
Wed 3 - 5 pm (Trapezium)
Thurs 3 - 5 pm (Trapezium)
Sat 9 am - 11 am (Trapezium)

We suggest that participants take at least one private lesson or session class per month (fee not included in the Residency cost). To schedule private lessons, contact our scheduler.

To arrange for your residency please complete the Inquiry Form at the bottom of the page.

Residency Inquiry Form


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