In the circus, we say, “The show must go on.” We are so happy to be able to report that at NECCA, in our new facility on Putney Road, the show does go on!

In order for NECCA to continue to thrive, we do need to ask for your help. NECCA has come through a very trying time with the amazing support of our talented and dedicated staff, the vision of our new leadership team, and the outpouring of support in the local and national community. We have learned from this experience, and it will make us stronger.

Our mission and vision for the future of NECCA — to be a school, facility and community that inspires circus students of all skill levels, ages, abilities and aspirations — remains unchanged, but it needs to be financially secured. Going forward, NECCA expects to build new programs made possible by our beautiful new facility — including swinging trapeze, year round flying trapeze (indoors now!), stronger performance production values, and handicapped accessible space for audiences as well as for programming specific to people with physical challenges.

Through these programs, we expect our operating revenue to resume the healthy annual growth we have had for the last 10 years. But like nearly all non-profits, operating income alone will not pay all costs. NECCA has always had the support of donors, both in the regional community and in the international world of circus.

We have a long-range vision for the future of circus in Brattleboro but we need the help of supporters like you to secure our future now. Thanks to your generous support, the show will go on! Our immediate goal is to rebuild our capacity and to secure our programming in the near future. The business of NECCA is seasonal, so we rely on donor support to allow us to weather the natural ups and downs of income from instruction programs, while continuing to pay our staff, to operate and maintain our building and equipment, and to pay all our ongoing expenses like insurance, taxes, and utilities.

Right now, we are already more than halfway to our immediate need of $200,000. Your contribution will go far to getting closer to financially solid ground. Here are some examples of what your contribution supports:

• $1000 Outreach performances donated to community fundraisers and events
• $500 Customized Workshop for under served groups
• $315 Summer camp enrollment for an under privileged youth
• $150 Custom private lesson for a student with emotional or physical challenges
• $50 Supplies for a wide range of classes


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