Gabe Slavin, summer camp parent

My son. . .ended up absolutely loving camp this week, . . . It was so clear how doing circus empowers kids to feel good about themselves and their bodies and their energetic kinesthetic selves.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin

"This [NECCA] is a good business plan. This creates jobs, economic development, opportunity, but most importantly, it changes kids' lives."

WRCC High School Student

This is my favorite class that I have ever taken. This class has given me more than any other learning experience has in the past. I gained a lot more self confidence, which is very important. Before, I was constantly nervous about what everybody thought of me or that I would always embarrass myself. Now, I am freely extroverted and I have learned to converse and work with people better. I am also really in shape as well. I hated gym, and I still hate gym, so I would find every way possible to get out of gym and physical activity. I can positively say that this circus class gave me the best experience of my entire life.

Jeff Kaufman, Bridges Program, Brattleboro Retreat

The coaches as NECCA were caring and gentle with our sometimes fragile population. The experience for them was exhilarating. Every week they left the studio with a feeling of success. . .experiencing the thrill and challenge of circus arts.

Overheard at the Grocery Store

"... why are you always so happy?"
"because at my High School I get to do Circus every day!!"
Student from the WRCC / NECCA program

Elizabeth, board member and VTGives supporter

NECCA changes lives, strengthens bodies, deepens hearts, and brings more beauty to this broken world. We need this art form!

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

I was intimidated by the prospect of taking classes with many of these successful, famous professionals, and each and every one of them surprised me with their personable attitude, friendliness, and support. I received personal, positive attention, and returned home with basket full of ideas, skills, tools, and self-affirmation.

Kay, parent and VTGives supporter

When my little girl found Circus Arts it changed her life, built her confidence and sparked a passion. We love what you do and if this donation helps towards sparking passion in someone else's life that will be a good day!

Patrick, Nashville, TN

I wanted to thank you for a most magnificent week. Aerial intensive was a gift to me on many levels. You all operate a top notch program that I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone pursuing circus arts. I was amazed at how little joint pain I was experiencing after all the hard work. I attribute that to the thorough stretching regimen . . . . .

Steve Sayer, "over 65"

We had some friends visiting. . .we were all over 65. Initially, everyone was concerned with how well they would do, what they would look like and if they were up to the exercises. The instructor was soft spoken, patient and helpful in assisting us through the exercises. Proving again that all things are possible with the right attitude.

Rebecca Holtz

Working at NECCA and being amongst all of the driven, creative and loving humans here has helped me grow and change so much.

WRCC High School Student

The WRCC Circus Arts program is like no other class I’ve taken before and not just because it’s a circus class. This class has pushed me to put all my trust in people I didn’t know and that definitely helped my trust/team building skills. I am not much of an athletic person but by taking this class I would work out everyday. I love this class and I hope I’ll be able to take it again in the future.

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

NECCA encourages individual creativity and exploration while offering scientific, objective reasoning for foundational concepts (i.e. good technique for shoulder health). The circus community can be competitive and scary, but when I come to NECCA, I feel that every staff member and instructor cares about my well-being and my success. I feel safe and confident that I'm receiving some of the best instruction in the world.

Sarah Hunter, INSPIRE for Austism

The kids had a total blast. . .we really appreciate NECCA reaching out to us so that we can all work together to serve our kids better. They were so centered, and grounded, and ready to get back to academics when they came back to school - and that's exactly what we had hoped for them!

WRCC High School Student

This class always makes me feel like a more confident and social person. It has helped me with organizing group projects as well. It’s comforting to know whether or not you're in class or a show your circus squad has got your back.

Destiny Vinley, Circus Professional

I have traveled around the world teaching and performing circus since 2008 and have yet to find another environment like NECCA. The supportive coaching, the caliber of technique, the welcoming community is unparalleled and lends to creating not only great circus but great people as well.

Circus Workshop Weekend, Anonymous

NECCA has a higher level of instruction than any of the other places I've trained. Also, it's nice to be around a large group of people who are so focused. Everyone is there to learn. For me, NECCA is a great place to come for a professional enrichment "train-cation". I leave with new inspiration and aspirations.

Circus Workshop Weekend, Anonymous

NECCA combines unbeatable coaching with a great sense of family and warmth. There's nothing pretentious about NECCA, so it's a great place to train and create.

Circus Workshop Weekend, Anonymous

It's an incredible workout (circus) but it's so fun that I forget I'm working out until class is over and I can barely lift my arms. This is my hobby, not my career but I still feel valued at NECCA.

Circus Workshop Weekend, Anonymous

The staff are all incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. There is a strong emphasis on technique to encourage a long career in circus. I really appreciate the attitude of safety that comes from the top of the organization and shows in all of the instructors. The environment that is NECCA feels inclusive and welcoming to everyone. And the physical theatre and clowning draw on this supportive environment to make students comfortable to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and really go for it. This can be really scary but NECCA makes it fun.

Parent, R. Riggs

I also just wanted to say how much we appreciate what has been created at NECCA. The building is great, but the team of coaches and staff you have assembled is just phenomenal. It is absolutely my daughter's happy place now. . . She can't stop talking about how much she loves the coaches, the other students, and everything she is learning there. After years in competitive gymnastics, it is such a gift to see how much her anxiety has decreased and her happiness and self confidence have increased.

Susan, VTGives supporter

I am more than happy to support NECCA in any way I can. And today it's through a donation. The work NECCA does is an invaluable contribution to their community and to the larger Community.

Anne-Laure Rouge, Pro Program

I appreciate the way you teach us how to prepare, protect, respect and take care of our bodies. . .to develop our inside awareness of every single muscle and how we connect them together. This kind of training makes me feel I'm going to do circus during my whole life and not just when I'm young!

Susan, 1st time wheel student

It was a great experience. Zeb was a wonderful teacher, encouraging but not condescending. He makes it look so graceful and fluid. You and your team do good work!

Alexander, VTGives supporter

Thrilled to support NECCA and the young professionals it cultivates, recruits, and inspires. NECCA is the perfect example of how Brattleboro's arts-driven community continues to grow the vibrancy and strength of the economy in Windham County!

Kate B., Parent

What an amazing time Harper had at her birthday events. . .Our whole family wound up trying the trapeze, and I think we all surprised ourselves thanks to the gentle guidance and encouragement of our instructors.
The WRCC Circus Arts program has made me feel healthier and more able to work with people I don’t know very well. Working out every morning has felt so good this last semester. I thought it would make me feel tired all day, but it made me feel more energetic, positive and ready to face the day. It was fun to learn to work so closely with an almost completely unfamiliar group of people. After taking this class, I would be able to go up to any of my classmates and talk outside of class.

Alicia Dana, Paralympic Athlete

I love the intuitive, athletic, and creative approach to circus - being able to use my "disabled" body in new and liberating ways has been the best therapy I could ever get. It's such fun to be around others who are using their bodies with such skill and agility - very inspiring.

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

I love the variety of classes and the small class size. The trainers are more knowledgeable than any other gym I've trained at.

Regina Armenta, Aerial teacher

I have studied a lot of anatomy in college and then again from a Yoga perspective. It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn. I left the aerial teacher training feeling like I understand my hollow body better then I ever have. I'm excited to add what I've learned at NECCA to my collection of studies and be able to share my knowledge to keep new aerialists safe as I venture into teaching. I have definitely found another wonderful resource of knowledge in the world. I hope to come back and study with you all again soon.

WRCC High School Student

Out of everything I’ve gained from this class, this class has improved my athletic ability. I’ve differently noticed a physical change in my size and also I am more than capable of doing bigger and harder things like climbing all the way up the fabric or pulling myself up on the trapeze and upper body stuff that I was physically unable to do before this class.

Greg M

I've recommended your program to everyone I know in the circus industry. Last year's Trapeze Teacher Training remains the best money I've ever spent on continued education in this field.

WRCC high school student

The WRCC Circus Arts program has definitely increased my level of self-confidence. I’m more comfortable around people than I was when this class first began. My athletic ability has also increased throughout the duration of this class, and so have my team building skills. When this class started I only knew one of my classmates and they were the only person I would partner up with to work. Now I’ve grown comfortable with everyone in this class and I think we all make a pretty good team.

Anonymous student

NECCA is one of the most wonderful artistic institutions in the area. Their performances are consistently top-notch even with a wide variety of ages and abilities represented. To have such a world-class facility offering performances here in Brattleboro is amazing. I'd never seen this kind of circus before I went to a NECCA show. No elephants, no canons, no tricks, just amazing and sometimes mindblowing artistry and skill. Worth every penny and then some.

Local Student from Brattleboro

I love. . .the positive attitude, the can do approach of the coaches as well as their expertise both as teachers and performers. I also LOVE the mix of professional, not so professional and the mix of all ages. It's just lovely.

Martha, VTGives supporter

I believe in the power of circus arts! I support the mission of NECCA: Circus Arts for everyone: inspiring fun, creativity, fitness for all ages!

Gaby M, Boot Camp

Thank you for Boot Camp. I don't think I have ever benefitted so much in such a little period of time throughout my circus career.

WRCC program student

This class has made me feel less shy and it was really fun and I am much more confident and not as scared when I mess up. It has made me strong and improved my athletic abilities. My team building skills are much better because I’m not as scared to talk to people like I used to be.

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

I'm often disappointed with learning experiences because I expect so much. You all exceeded my expectations.

Corinne Epstein, WRCC high school program

Something amazing that I’ve noticed as the semester went by is how much strength I’ve built, physically and mentally. I’m not so afraid to try new things, and I like challenging myself. I remember in the beginning of the class I couldn’t invert in the air on fabric, and now I can not only invert but do a star drop and go into my double foot lock without coming back to the ground first. I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself as I’ve achieved new skills. Not only that, just being able to do something that I don’t think I have the ability to do makes me feel so proud of myself.

Naomi Giffen, Professional Program Graduate

Was just looking at all the incredible things that the graduates from Protrack are were doing and was really blown away. Myself included -- I got to perform at a London theatre this week showing a new piece of aerial dance theatre I have just created with the lady I am working with under her company. There were people from cirque, arts council Britain and theatres from across UK who were really impressed. I just wanted to say thank you to NECCA. The skills and training you have imparted to me are invaluable. I have had so much praise for my technique since coming home to the UK! The work you guys do is a real inspiration!

Liz C., Parent

We had our twins, in your tots classes last year. . .Both girls qualified for EI because of gross motor delays when we signed up, and they left the class ahead of their age group. . . Your program did an unbelievable job not only giving my girls confidence and strength, but allowing them to feel creative with their bodies like all toddlers should.

Anonymous - Intermediate Youth Troupe member

Thank you for everything you have done for our community & for the amazing scholarships & training I have received.
The WRCC Circus Program has changed my life a lot! It has boosted my self-confidence so much, and I also feel that I have become stronger in many ways. Strong in strength and stronger in my acting skills. I had a great experience with team building in this class. The kids in this class are like a second family to me and I love that! And not only did I learn how to do Circus things but I learned about the Circus as well, which was so much fun!

Ellie W., cancer survivor

"I found aerial work to be fundamental in reshaping my relationship between mind and body. When you have a physical disease I think it is common for people to start viewing their own bodies as something of a let-down. When I started aerial I didn't have the strength to do a push up, but found it inspiring much more so than rote weight training at the gym! I know it is not for everyone, but for me, aerial work helped me to start viewing my body as a good friend again and as something to be proud of for what it can do and something that could make me feel good again after many years of being a problem."

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

I see NECCA as a place where people who want to do something with Circus in their lives go to train.

Dan Stern, Pro Program Grad performing with Soap

During my year in the Professional Training Program at NECCA, I was incredibly lucky to train under what I consider to be one of the finest circus coaches in the country. Today, years later, my coach is still my mentor. I consider my year at NECCA to have been a vital incubator for the physical and artistic qualities that would later grow into a career that has put me on stages around the globe.

Amanda W, parent

We are very grateful for the scholarship support you've provided . . and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have such an incredible resource as NECCA in our community. Like other circus parents, I found myself saying, "What will we do with this kid?!" very early in his life. Circus has been the answer to that, and we could not be in a better place for it.

Caroline, VTGives supporter

I'm supporting NECCA because I believe the purpose of our lives is to be creative, pursue dreams, and experience as much joy as possible. NECCA offers a place for that creativity and joy to flourish for all students - hobbiests and professionals alike.

Cancer Survivor, Anonymous

I have not felt this beautiful since my surgery. Just as cancer teaches you that you can live through stresses you never imagined, this program teaches you that your body can fly and do things you never imagined.

WRCC High School Student

It has made a big difference in my academic performance because I’m able to focus better. Being in the program a second time and taking other classes at NECCA has made me look at it from a different perspective than last semester. I have a lot more to pull from which make act creation easier and more fun and I’m more comfortable in the studio environment. I definitely have a lot more self-confidence and circus has seeped into other aspects of my life and made my life richer.

Gina Wolfe, visiting student

I want to say how wonderful it was to walk into an open, warm and receptive school. The other front desk staff went far and beyond to make me feel at "home" and the coaches I worked with were spot on perfect. It takes great skill to listen and coach "hard" at the same time. . .It was a pleasure to train at NECCA for 10 days.

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

NECCA was a beautiful, accepting atmosphere. Where I train I have heard a lot of negativity and competition. . .At NECCA everyone was accepting that people can be anywhere in their circus journey and made it a safe place to train and have fun without comparing myself to others.

NECCA parent

NECCA is an unbelievably fantastic resource that has given my daughter strength, confidence, agility, artistry, and a close family of like-minded souls. Not sure where she would have found her place if not for NECCA.

Julia L.

All of the coaches you've employed are so gifted and the students you've collected over the years are changing the circus world through your teachings.

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

I see NECCA as an intense extension of my home base circus school . . . by attending workshops or lessons I can learn from coaches with more experience than some of my instructors.

High School group organizer

The group had a blast. They're sore, exhausted, and excited about this new thing they just found out about, which is exactly what I had been hoping for. They were very impressed by everything they saw and by the coaches and by the art itself.. .they left a very positive lasting impression of circus.

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

NECCA is a great supplement to my home studio and a great place to take my training to a different level.

Shawn Frances L

I came to you because I truly feel that you and your school are the safest, and have the highest quality instructors I know of, the best in your business... All of you are an inspiration to me.

Leah Wright, youth performance troupe

There may be people who are better at aerials or juggling, there may be someone who's thinner or prettier or has cooler clothes, and there may be someone who thinks they're better than you, but no matter what there will never be another me. Circus arts taught me that I'm unique, and that's totally awesome.

WRCC high school student

The WRCC Circus Arts program has made me feel more confident in my own abilities. I feel less self-conscious and more like I shouldn’t care what other people think of me. I feel as though I have a home away from home, and that home is at NECCA.

Kelly W

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much fun I had . . . in my private lesson. The teacher was fabulous, and it was definitely worth the 8 hour drive!

Anonymous, Circus Workshop Weekend

The instruction is fantastic. Every time I return to NECCA, I leave with skills that will continue to help me improve and the encouragement to do so. It's a welcoming community of instructors and staff that genuinely seem interested in all students. I feel my training outside of NECCA has had gaps (learning higher level skills, but lacking some foundation skills). Coming to NECCA has allowed me to address some of those gaps and work towards being a better aerial student.

WRCC High School Student

When I first started the program, I was shy, weak, not confident and very terrified. But just after the first semester I felt way more confident and strong. And after 4 semesters I am comfortable flying and basing which I was terrified of before. I love to be up in the rafters doing tricks where as before I couldn’t even climb a fabric let alone being comfortable in my own skin. When I’m doing Circus I get a feeling of powerfulness. And when I don’t get a trick right off I accept the challenge, whereas before I would get discouraged. I love Circus. It has made me a way more confident person. And this program makes circus accessible to me. I love WRCC!

Pam B, adult fabric

Where was Fabric when I was a teenager?! It just might have been the antidote for those tumultuous years, with its perfect balance of strength and flexibility, concentration and perseverance, sweat and grace, exhilaration and calculated daring.

Lindsay C

What makes NECCA special to me is that besides teaching tricks, the coaches are very aware of what is good for the body and how to perform tricks so that the body is not hurt.

WRCC High School Student

WRCC Circus Arts has definitely made a difference in my life. I’ve gotten more confidence, when I started I was shy and scared. I think once I got to know everyone, I realized everyone was really nice and not judgemental. I really like the people and the stuff we did in this class because it was really fun.


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