May 6

Intro to Partner Acrobatic Dance

About this Workshop

Have you watched partners move seamlessly across the stage, using lifts and poses to incorporate three dimensional space? In this workshop, participants will learn the foundations of acrobatic partnering and learn an original partner dance sequence. You will also learn different methods for making the acrobatic sequences beautiful, expressive, and ready for the stage.

Students who also register for Advancing Partner Acrobatic Dance receive a 10% discount on that workshop.



Dave Paris (Paradizo Dance)

16 & up or by permission of instructor.

May 6 from 10 am – 12 pm

No partner is necessary, but previous athletic or acrobatic experience is a must. Not sure what this might include? Kick up to a hand stand against the wall, cartwheel and horse stance (low squat with legs apart).


Dave Paris is a seven-time acrobatic dance champion, co-director of Paradizo Dance, and was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. Dave created nine volumes of instructional videos for partner acrobatics and has taught thousands of students around the world for over two decades.

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