May 28

ATS: Retrograde Reflections – Reverse Is The New Regular!

photo of Molly Graves, aerial rope coach

About this ATS Workshop

This workshop is a retrospective on retrogrades! Get ready to challenge your vertical brain as we reverse and invert our wraps and our way of thinking about them! A portion of this workshop will explore the fascinating world of Indian rope mallakhamb, including unique wraps, toe climb theory and how various hand grips (and toe grips!) are related and connected. Previous experience with toe climbs is not required, and modified toe-friendly variations will also be offered, as well as starting points for training your toes!


$40 ($50 for non-ATS participants)

Molly Graves

18 & up or permission of instructor

Saturday, May 28 from 4 – 6 pm

Best suited for intermediate to advanced level rope or fabric artists with a large vocabulary of climbs, wraps and positions — including straddle climbs, catcher’s wrap, hip key, hip hitches, front balance and double knee hang.

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