May 28

ATS: Linguistics and Naming History in Vertical Aerials

ren carter tucker on fabric

About this Aerial Theory Summit Workshop

Vertical Arts, and especially aerial fabric and sling, began their journey as an art form accessible to the general public in North America in the 1980’s. We’ll look at how the codification of naming and teaching linguistics helped move the traditional circus acts of corde lisse and spanish web to the current popular forms. Who ‘invented’ aerial fabric? Where did the name “belay” come from? And who and what is a “Pfister Twister”? This workshop will start as a presentation and then we’ll all share names and regionalisms to help us learn each other’s languages. Can’t join us in person? Sign up and get the recording to watch later!


$25 ($30 for non-ATS participants)

Elsie Smith / Serenity Smith Forchion

18 & up or permission of instructor

Saturday, May 28th, 9 – 11 am


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