Circus Rigging Workshop

April 17-19, 2017

Circus Rigging Workshop
April 17-19, 2017
Instructors: Jonathan Deull & Brett Copes
16+ or by permission of instructor

This is a 3-day intensive aerial / acrobatic rigger training with hands on practical application for circus studio owners, riggers, managers and aerialists.

Monday, April 17 - Wednesday, April 19: 1:00pm- 5:00 pm & 6:00pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Cotton Mill East

For participants with some experience with circus rigging who want to reach a place of being able to manage the rigging oversight of a circus school. (Some experience means a basic understanding and familiarity with aerial equipment, circus rigging and studio practical work.)

Jonathan Deull is an ETCP Certified Theatrical Rigger and ETCP Recognized Rigging Trainer, and a member of the Safety Committee of the American Circus Educators Association (ACE). He has designed and executed aerial circus and acrobatic rigging worldwide, and is the author of the chapter on rigging in Aerial Dance, by Jayne Bernasconi and Nancy Smith.

Brett Copes, a former stuntman and theatre technician, Brett holds multiple certifications and has traveled the world teaching and working in aerial rigging. He has worked with Cirque du Soleil and Marvel Universe Live among many others.


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