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A Tree Topping "TA DA!"

A Tree Topping "TA DA!"
Friday, Jan. 27, 2017

NECCA staff, coaches, donors and friends joined together to celebrate the tradition of raising a tree onto the peak of a building when it reaches it’s highest point.

Everyone was invited to honor the new building with an old circus tradition of offering a “Ta Da!” by raising their hands in the air and pointing them to the tree as it made its aerial ascent to the top of the frame.

This is called a “topping out” ceremony which is a symbol of thanksgiving and respect. Some say it is to thank the forest for providing timber for a new home. Some say it gives thanks for a safe raising.

We’d like to add it gives thanks to the tremendous combined efforts of our generous NECCA community that brought us to this day where one and all are witnessing our new home become a reality.

Plans are on track to move into the building here in Brattleboro—the newest custom-designed circus arts trapezium in the country by July 2017. The trapezium will allow year-round, indoor flying trapeze training as well as fabric/silk, jugging, contortion, unicycle, partner acrobatics, German wheel, teeterboard and more!

Thanks to all who braved the wind and cold to share in this fun celebration.

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