Campaign Newsletter MAR 17

March 4 & 5 – Circus Spectacular, Latchis Theater. This is our annual professional show and fundraiser for NECCA’s community outreach program,Circus in the Neighborhood. World-class entertainment for the whole family. Tickets at

It’s a wrap!

"It’s a wrap!" an expression used in film making to tell actors and crew that filming of a particular scene, has finished. Well, the new building is not done, but it is in the process of being wrapped —quite literally. The exterior siding is being installed and it won’t be long before the building is weather-tight. And we can’t wait! Every step of construction of NECCA’s new home is exciting as we see this extraordinary new trapezium with all the potential it offers for circus arts come to life. We expect to move into our new home in July. We hope you are following the building progress with the photos we post on the capital campaign website:

Half way to the $2.5 million goal

We would sure love to report that the campaign is "a wrap!" In the classic sense of the phrase. But like the building, the campaign is still in progress. As of January 31st we have gifts and pledges totaling $1,226,118, just shy of the half-way mark to the $2.5 million goal. Come spring, we’ll be pulling out all the stops to reach this oh-so-close yet oh-so-far goal.
So tell a friend…spread the word. "Come one! Come all!" as the circus saying goes. Help us reach our $2.5M goal so we can call it "a wrap" too!

Ta Da!

There’s an old circus tradition to thank the crew for their hard work after a performance. Everyone gathers and raises their hands in the air to the crew and says, "Ta Da!" We combined that tradition with another celebratory tradition, a Topping Out, or raising of a tree onto the peak of the building when it reaches its highest point. Some say it’s for good luck, some say to celebrate, some say to give thanks for a new structure. We say all three. Staff, coaches and friends all celebrated the moment together for Everybody’s Home for Circus.

Upcoming and not-to-be-missed!

Month of April – Jeff Lewis Photography Exhibit of NECCA performers at Vermont Artisan Designs, Brattleboro. Proceeds from the sale of Jeff’s images will be donated to NECCA.

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